Premature Aging

Time plays a major role in dimming the glow of your skin. Along with that, there are pollution, bad diet, and skimping on skincare that might put your skin at a disadvantage. We believe all skin types and ages are beautiful. But there are certain steps that one can take to reduce the signs of aging, or maybe even reverse the wrinkles.


Quit rubbing your eyes

Under-eye bags are a common sign of the aging process. The most affected ones are those who rub their eyes too much. It would be eye-opening to know that rubbing your eyes constantly causes inflammation. It can create lines under your eyes and may lead to wrinkles earlier than your chronological age.

Sleep like a baby

Sleep not only renews your energy, complexion, and concentration but all your skin. If you want to prevent saggy skin and improve the barrier function of your skin, you must get 7-9 hours of restful sleep every night. Cut down on the caffeine and ensure you don’t have a meal two to three hours before hitting the bed.

Dump the straw

We all know firsthand how dark teas and smoothies stain teeth. To prevent that, we resort to straws. But did you know that it can cause fine lines near the mouth? To prevent them, we should not activate that muscle, to pause any wrinkle formation.

Turn to stress-busters

So many functions in your body are affected by the amount of cortisol that is produced during stress release. By allowing stress into our lives, we invite inflammation and more saggy skin. Including meditation, good nutrition, and lifestyle changes would dramatically change the quality of our skin.

Sunscreen is your friend

SPF is a savior for your skin. There has been a comprehensive study of how ultraviolet exposure for most of the signs of aging. But we cannot rely on merely SPF in the makeup to protect our skin. Ensure that you purchase a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Slather on a decent quantity and reapply every 2-3 hours.

Consider your neck and hands a part of your face

All the skincare that you may use on your face should be applied to your neck and hands as well. Age spots are a common sight on the hands and they are a giveaway of your age. The neck starts to sag too, giving you an older appearance.

skin youthful

In conclusion

While taking all these ensures, ensure that you have a well-rounded diet to keep your skin youthful for a long time to come. Invest in good quality skincare, while getting in all your vitamins and keeping yourself hydrated. Squeeze in a workout whenever you can to get the complete blood circulation going. We are sure that your skin would be glowing for a long time to come if you follow these steps.